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However, before filming my Music Video, I watched a lot of other Music Videos online and learnt a lot on how fashion evolves with time. My left ear sports 3 earrings; 1 on my tragus, and these are my statement accessories I keep on always. Just like art, fashion is a form of self-expression and I am always blown away by its ability to constantly evolve and make an impression!

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Filed under Media and Press Interviews. Introducing, the rest of the squad members X. Squad members above adorned in Swarovski: It was an unnerving experience having a full day of interviews all in Chinese. Super exciting experience yet incredibly tiring on my half-conformed Chinese speaking brain. Below are the list of media whom of which attended the press conference and covered the release of my first single!

Was also invited to be interviewed on V Buzz Malaysia! It was a lot of fun being on the flip side of the interview couch, if I were going to be honest. Attended two sessions of radio interviews starting with MYFM! Hardly a tour but still a pretty hectic schedule with 6 press interviews, 3 TV interviews and 2 radio interviews! Repeating oneself can get pretty tiresome but it comes with the package of promotion plus it makes for good practice.

Her first step upon returning back to Malaysia was to join Miss Universe Malaysia and nabbed the first-runner up title.

Invitation to contribute to the Special Issue on Recycling of Batteries and Electronics

From modelling, hosting, acting and singing, not one scope of work within the industry was out of her grasp. Being exposed to all facets within the industry, Natalia definitely will have an individualistic view on fashion. As for herself, she prefers to wear simple and laid-back attire on a daily basis incorporating girlish and boyish elements. Always love being featured in fashion magazines and learning more and more each time about fashion and finding my style!

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Shanghai is truly a city that has opened my eyes in so many ways. There is definitely still room to grow and improve there is always room to grow and improve… even as a professional! Other than skill honing, during this time, I had the pleasure of working with incredible music producers to record 3 singles to be launched as an Extended Play EP in the time to come. Just writing this all out seems nice, simple and fairly uncomplicated but the past year has went by in a sort of blur and I had to do my very best not to lose it halfway through.

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When I decided to embark on this journey, I made very sure of the commitment I was going to have to make and to expect the challenges of attempting what some may deem the impossible even I at one point. Expectations are an incredibly important tool to use in order to get through the difficult stages in life.

It really helped me prepare for the worst and not lose my mind or breakdown completely. I must admit, there were points where I was dangerously close to pulling the plug wondering if all of this was worth it in the end. In retrospect, I am thankful and relieved that I managed to pull through but that is not without some serious support from a few key people in my life.

As I write this, my 3 singles have been recorded from February through March , and I have just finished filming my very first music video debut. At this point, I can confidently say, it truly has been worth it. All the blood, sweat, and tears shed throughout this grueling process will definitely make the taste of success that much sweeter.

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Perhaps because I love sports, I like staying comfortable and functional without lacking that sporty fashion. But this is a whole other topic. International Journal of Public Opinion Research 23 2: Her Princess Dramas explore mythical icons of femininity, from Snow White to Jackie Onassis, using torture, sex, carnality and death to tell tales of power and the demise of women who make their voices heard. It is tempting to ask whether it was pornography or feminism that really enraged those who wished to draw a permanent curtain across that stage.

Now, of course, that is not to say I am expecting success upon launch. In all honesty, I am feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing because I have absolutely no idea what to expect. All I can safely say now is that I am tremendously satisfied and proud of the work that my team and I have put together and I am super excited to share it with the world.

Because in the end, it was all worth it. So similar yet quite different! Even if it is to be a vase, she aspires to be a priceless vase. When Natalia walked into the studio, our photographer and I were shocked! She looked quite different in photographs as she did in person; a good difference.

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Compared to in photographs, where Natalia looks like a fierce prowling tigress, in person, she was more the sweet girl-next door and an enviable slender stature. Before interviewing Natalia, I had very little idea of her background as there were limited information about her on the internet. Natalia made her debut as the runner-up of Miss Universe Malaysia in that prompted her to go into TV Hosting shortly after due to her strong command in English and articulation of it.

At this point, my mind flashed an idea: Upon hearing this, I was astonished as the current girl I was interviewing was was speaking quite fluently in Mandarin.

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I was arranged to to live in Shanghai for a short period to learn Chinese, dance, vocals and performance. To master a language is no easy task, however, in a mere 8 months, Natalia is able to swiftly respond to my interview questions and to that, I give her two big thumbs up to her perseverance. So it seems, her motivation to pick up Mandarin was indeed from her missed opportunities.

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I started being vegetarian a year ago for health reasons. It was a conscious decision on my end to treat my body better. I'm by no means perfect. Invitation to contribute to the Special Issue on Recycling of Batteries and Electronics (Sustainable Materials and Technologies). We would like to invite you to.

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